Final Destination 5 Review

final destination 5 review

I finally got a chance to see the 5th installment in the Final Destination series the other night and it left a weird taste in my mouth. If you’ve seen any of the other Final Destination movies, then you’re already aware of what’s going to happen. A group of young adults are heading off to a work retreat on a bus when the bridge they are crossing collapses killing almost everyone… but it was only a vision. One man sees the tragedy happen, before it actually happens, and warns people to get off the bridge before they all die. Soon after, each one of them starts to die ridiculously gruesome deaths as “death” is trying to restore the balance since they were supposed to do in the bridge collapse. It’s the exact same premise as the previous movies just a different tragedy, different group of kids and different ways of dying. I actually enjoyed most of the previous movies, but for some reason this one didn’t work for me… to a certain degree.

First of all the acting was god awful. I mean, I actually liked Emma Bell a lot in “Frozen”, but she was terrible in this. The two main guys were also pretty awful, but what do you expect when their biggest movies before this (not counting J. Edgar) were “Fired Up!” and “Superhero Movie”. I know these movies aren’t about the acting at all, but bad acting just takes away from a film… any film. I don’t know if better actors would have made this that much better though as the death scenes this time around were underwhelming.

[Some big spoilers regarding the end of the movie from here on out]

The death scenes are what you see this movie for and it just seemed like they weren’t as elaborate or ridiculous as they have been in the past. I did like the very first death with the gymnastics girl only because of the way it was shot and the tension that was created. The rest of the deaths didn’t seem to replicate that tension and were just sort of ‘meh’. Really the only redeeming factor to this movie was the end. I only caught a hint of what I was in store for during the 2nd death when the guy was at the Asian massage parlor. He had his cell phone and the masseuse took it and put it on the shelf, but the cell phone was an old StarTac phone, which really confused me. Why would this working adult have a shitty phone like a StarTac? For some reason I didn’t put two and two together until the very end when they got on a plane to head to Paris… This movie takes place before the original! It was this fact alone that made me want to go back and watch it again to catch all of the little things I missed in regard to the time period that the movie takes place, but seeing as how I really had no desire to sit through it again I won’t be doing that. I just thought that was kind of a cool way to throw a new spin on the ending and it was the only redeemable part of the movie.

So if you’re looking for ridiculous kills, terrible acting and a decent ending, then you may want to check this out. Don’t get your hopes up in terms of the ridiculousness of those kills, but they could be worse.