Fast Five mini-Review

fast five

“Fast Five” is the fifth installment in the “Fast and Furious” franchise and honestly it could be the best in the series. Everyone is back this time, including characters such as Tej (Ludacris) and Vince (whom you’ll remember from the first one as the guy who got stuck on the truck at the end). The story follows the group as the end up in Rio and attempt to rob the most powerful man in town of all his money. Essentially the series as gone from it’s street racing roots to more of a heist flick that just so happens to star the cast of “The Fast and the Furious”. Think of it as “The Italian Job” with a different cast, because at it’s core that’s exactly what it is.

As usual the acting is not the greatest, but it doesn’t really matter, the story is actually pretty well written and made sense… or at least as much sense as it needed to. Of course there’s always going to be the ridiculous, over-the-top action sequences that could never happen in real life and the plot twists that would require precision that’s near impossible. But, with all that said, it still makes for an entertaining movie and solidifies the series as a money maker. I just read that the movie broke the record for a Friday opening in April and ended up pulling in close to $90 million for the weekend… that’s pretty impressive for the 5th installment of anything.

So say what you will about the “Fast and Furious” movies, they are here to stay and (as it’s already been announced) you can expect the 6th installment to race into theaters sooner than later and honestly, I welcome it with open arms. I’ve been a fan of the series since the beginning and I’m glad that it’s found a way to sort of re-invent itself as a heist film as opposed to continuing the street racing them that brought it into the world. Although, when you think about it, that first one was essentially a heist film at it’s core as well, it just happened to be set in the street racing scene.

Did you guys check it out this weekend? What did you think?