Fast and Furious Review

The Fast and Furious came out back in 2001 when illegal street racing was just starting to emerge into the mainstream. It brought a culture of idiots who thought it was a cool idea to race in public streets to the forefront and was probably the inspiration for a lot of these “ricers” to come out of the woodwork and totally destroy their cars. Now I’m not saying everything about the culture is bad, I enjoyed it for a few years, but what I am saying is that racing on the street is just plain stupid (and so is putting exhaust, stickers, a spoiler and the brightest color paint you can find, on your 1993 honda civic). Either way the movie was extremely popular when it first came out. And I’ll admit, it’s still an entertaining movie to watch today even if it does have the exact same plot as the Keanu Reeves/Patrick Swayze movie “Point Break” (just replace surfing with cars and robbing banks with hijacking trucks).

It was no surprise when “2 Fast 2 Furious” was green lit shortly after the first one left the theaters. What was a surprise was that John Singleton was going to be directing the sequel. And what was even more of a surprise is what we ended up getting from John Singleton, probably the worst film in the series (including the latest). While it was very bright and entertaining, it just lacked the charm of the original, and maybe it was the fact that none of the main cast aside from Paul Walker wanted anything to do with it, which in turn got us Tyrese, Ludacris, and Eva Mendez. While it might not seem like the worst cast in the world, the movie wasn’t the greatest, but it still made a killing. Then we got Tokyo Drift, which replaced everyone in the series with new people, including Lil Bow Wow. I had absolutely no expectations for this one and it actually surprised me. It’s much better than part 2, more action, a better story line and overall more enjoyable even without any of the original cast (minus a small cameo by Vin Diesel at the end).

So with the track record of the Fast and Furious films, I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from this new one, although I was happy to see the original cast was willing to return since I they don’t seem to have a whole lot going on at the moment. I think they saw that the franchise is still a huge money maker and figured why not.

Fast and Furious is obviously the 4th film in the series, all the original cast returns, but it seems to have lost the charm that the first one had. It doesn’t have as much racing and doesn’t really revolve around the cars and the culture as much and it seems to have a very similar plot to the 2nd one, however it did have a good amount of action and at least tried to develop a little more of a story. Basically Dom comes back to the US after running things down in the dominican republic for a while, in search of a notorious drug dealer, Braga, to get revenge for a murder, while at the same time Brian O’Connor is trying to hunt down Braga to put him behind bars. Their two paths cross and they infiltrate Braga’s crew by becoming drug runners for them…. in fast cars… by winning a race for the open spots on the crew… is any of this sounding familiar to anyone? It’s seriously almost the exact same plot as “2 Fast 2 Furious”.

So anyways, that is the basic plot and it does work for the most part. There are some points during the movie where they were trying to set things up a little too much and the dialogue becomes a little drawn out and painful, but at least there weren’t too many random “I live my life a quarter mile at a time” quotes like the first one. I was entertained by this, but I can see how people that aren’t fans of the series would not like it. Or if you’re a die hard fan of the first movie and boycotted the 2nd 2, then you may not like this one either, but take it for what it’s worth, a dumb action movie that has a few cars in it with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker… do you really expect it to be “good”? If you do, you haven’t seen any really good action movies I guess.

The only thing that might confuse a few people is the timeline of these movies. If you’ve been reading information regarding this installment then you’ll know what I’m talking about. This movie takes place after “2 Fast 2 Furious” and before “Tokyo Drift” and for those of you that don’t know that going into the movie, you might be a little confused by the opening 10 minutes. It’s not really a huge spoiler so I’m going to tell you now, but if you don’t want to know stop reading……………………………………… The opening sequence of the movie is that scene from the trailer where Dom and Letty are stealing gas from a tanker truck by flipping around trucks and hitching up. Well one of the drivers of the truck is none other than Han from “Tokyo Drift”. This ties into “Tokyo Drift” at the end when Dom comes back and the main character asks him how he knew Han and he tells him that he used to work for him back in the day.

So overall the movie isn’t terrible and I think if you’re a fan of the series you will enjoy it. So those of you that saw it what did you think?

I started to ramble on about the plot lines after the jump, it’s not written well and it’s basically just my thoughts so if you want to read it click through, if not just stop now cause it really is a mess. And there are major spoilers to the new one.

Now that I think about it maybe only the opening scene took place before “Tokyo Drift” since Dom leaves Letty in the Dominican and she goes back to the states and you don’t really know how much time takes place between those two points, so while Han leaves to goto Tokyo from the Dominican, there is a gap of time that could be when Tokyo Drift takes place, so technically these two could be taking place at the same time. Those of you that saw the movie, what do you think? Does “Fast and Furious” take place before “Tokyo Drift” or does only the opening sequence of “Fast and Furious” take place before “Tokyo Drift” and the rest of the movie is…. Ok that wouldn’t make sense either though, cause Dom gets arrested at the end of “Fast and Furious” so unless they break him out and he runs to Tokyo right away, which I guess could happen, I guess “Tokyo Drift” must take place after this installment since Dom ends up out there at the end of that one. Sorry I’m rambling, anyone have any different takes on the whole order of events throughout these movies?