Dear Best Buy Manager…

Get a new job!

Yesterday we went to our local Best Buy, as we do every Tuesday to look at new DVD and Blu-Ray releases and just waste a half hour. It seemed like a pretty typical Tuesday except our good from “The Chief” wasn’t there as he normally is. “The Chief” is an employee at this particular Best Buy who we’ve come to be friends with over the years… Yes, we have gone to this Best Buy every Tuesday for probably the last 5-6 years, the security guard knows us, “The Chief” knows us by name, and even a few of the other employees know us since they see us so often.

So what usually happens is I’ll check out, Circuit City, and maybe to see who has the best price on whatever movies we happen to be purchasing that week, then we head to the store. Best Buy will price match any local competitors (The Chief will price match for us no matter what, as long as the store is in their computer and has a brick and mortar location somewhere in Illinois), so we usually have print outs of the Walmart prices, since they are usually cheaper, but sometimes we forget to bring them. This is when it helps if The Chief is working, he’ll use the register computer to look at walmart’s site for us and price match it without a problem, but when The Chief isn’t working we don’t have that luxury. And this is what happened this past Tuesday.

We head to Best Buy to pick up some DVD’s and both my co-workers were gonna get the new Hulk Vs. Blu-ray. It was marked $24.99 at Best Buy so they busted out the iPhone to check Walmart, it was $19.99, cool. So we head up to the register and they go to pay, explaining that they wanted to price match Walmart and the price was $19.99 and then showed the cashier girl the iPhone that was on the Walmart website. She said cool, and put in the new price, but I guess when the price that you are matching is a lot lower than what Best Buy is selling it for, it requires a manager to approve the transaction, which is understandable. So the cashier girl doesn’t have a headset/walkie talkie thing so she asks security to radio for a manager, which he does. Literally 20 minutes go by and the manager is nowhere to be seen. Security radioed multiple times in 20 minutes only to get the response that she was on her way…. and then we saw her.

Not to be an asshole or anything, but now we saw why it took her so long. The only way I can accurately describe is like this…. close your eyes, imagine a dinosaur, a huge fucking dinosaur, like a brontasaurus or something. Now picture another man brontasaurus coming over and raping the hell out of that first brontasaurus. Now wait 9 months for the female brontasaurus to lay a huge rapeasaurus egg…. that egg must be about 5 feet high right? No imagine the rapeasaurus i the egg can only manage to push it’s arms, legs and eyes through the shell… and that’s what this woman looked like. A giant dinosaur egg with legs.

So she waddled up to the cashier and took a look at the DVD, then took a look at the iPhone, but apparently the iPhone wasn’t good enough for her. She then proceeded to waddle back over to where she came from, the Mac section, to look up Walmart’s site on the computer over there, just to make sure we weren’t trying to pull a fast one. Then she waddled back over and punched in her code to approve the transaction. The waddling/computer look-up seriously took another 10 minutes. Thankfully she stuck around to approve the other guys transaction so we didn’t have to track her down again.

I understand that the manager of Best Buy is probably extremely busy and can’t be bothered to come help customers, but if that’s the case why not give someone else the authority to punch in the code to approve a price match? I know there are other people besides the manager that can do it, since I’ve never seen this lady before in the past 5-6 years, and we price match every week. So what’s the deal?

Oh and I’m sure you’re probably asking why we don’t just go to Walmart in the first place to get the movies. And basically it’s cause of reward points, yeah they are very little, but when you spend as much as we do at Best Buy, they add up and Walmart doesn’t offer any sort of reward program to get cash back. Plus combine that with a cash back credit card and it’s win-win.

So let us hear your Best Buy horror stories? Usually this location is pretty good and we don’t have a problem when the people that know us are working, this just seemed like a freak occurance that took us back to the Jurassic period.