Dark Knight Sells 1.7 Million Blu-Ray Discs

…In One Week!

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, The Dark Knight has smashed previous record held by Iron Man for most Blu-Ray discs sold in a week. Iron Man held the record previously with 500,000 blu-ray discs sold in it’s first week, but The Dark Knight swooped in and smashed that record selling 1.7 million in it’s first week even despite the lack of extra features some people are complaining about. Personally I don’t think there is a lack of features on the disc, but then again I don’t listen to commentary tracks on most movies which is what a lot of people are complaining about.

So congratulations to The Dark Knight on yet another broken record. The movie also sold 13.5 million regular DVDs making it a strong contender for best selling movie of 2008. Which is pretty good considering it only has about 23 days to sell more than any other movie has sold all year.