Check Us Out On The Hippopodamus as we Discuss Modern Warfare 3


We got to talk Modern Warfare 3 with the guys over at last week as we ran through the latest information related to the game. At the time the podcast was recorded the game hadn’t leaked, as it has by this point, so we weren’t aware of all of the goodies hidden within the game so some of the things we talk about may have already been confirmed or denied. Either way it’s a good listen if you want to get our opinion on the game and what we’re looking forward to. We will do a follow up podcast around Thanksgiving after we’ve had a couple weeks to play the game at which point we’ll give our actual impressions and discuss what we were right or wrong about.

Head on over to Berserk Hippo to download the podcast. Thanks again to The Berserk Hippo and Chris for having me on the show, whenever you’re willing to have me back I’m more than happy to discuss whatever.