I finally got to check out the movie “Buried” over the weekend and all I can say is, wow. I’m sure there were a lot of people that told Chris Sparling (writer) and Rodrigo Cortes (director) that this movie would never work, but it works and then some. I too was a little unsure as to how they could make a movie that revolves around one man trapped in a box, buried underground, for 90 minutes, but they did and I have even more respect for Ryan Reynolds after seeing it.

The movie revolves around Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) as he wakes up in a wooden coffin buried in the ground after his convoy is attacked in Iraq. He’s a contracted truck driver who was delivering supplies when the convoy of trucks is attacked by insurgents. He’s taken and buried alive in a wooden coffin with very few items with him. I don’t want to give away much of the movie, but he does have a cell phone which he uses to communicate with the outside world as he attempts to get rescued. The whole movie takes place inside the coffin, there are no flashbacks, no dream sequences, nothing, just Ryan Reynolds in a coffin for 90 minutes and surprisingly it’s extremely effective. The different use of camera angles and slow pans/fades adds to the suspense and the acting is top notch.

So basically I just wanted to let you know that if you haven’t heard of this movie or didn’t think that the premise could work, please check it out. If you’re claustrophobic you may want to leave the lights on when you watch it, but I didn’t get as anxious as I thought I would… There were some scenes in The Descent that still make me cringe due to anxiety of claustrophobia, but this one wasn’t too bad.

Has anyone else seen this yet? What did you think? Without giving anything away, did you like the ending?

Note: on the trailer above, I would advise not clicking through to YouTube to watch it as the comments spoil the ending…