“Broken City” Blu-Ray Review

broken city blu-ray review

For a movie that went straight to DVD, this movie wasn’t that bad… What’s that? It came out in theaters? Really? Well then… For a movie that came out in theaters, this movie was kinda ‘meh’. All joking aside, “Broken City” doesn’t stand out when it comes to crime dramas, and coming from one half of the team that directed “Menace II Society” and “Dead Presidents” that was a little disappointing to me. It probably didn’t help that the script came from a 1st time screenwriter, but either way, with Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe attached, I thought it would be a little better than it was.

The movie follows NYPD Detective Billy Taggart as he is hired by the Mayor (Crowe) to do a little private detective work to determine if his wife is cheating on him. Obviously there’s a lot more to the story than just that. Taggart has been recently thrown off the force due to the fact that he killed the man who raped and murdered his sister-in-law. It was the mayor who took it upon himself to conveniently make some key evidence disappear so that Taggart wouldn’t be thrown in jail, but in return Taggart had to become his personal P.I. When he finally tracks down the guy that the Mayor’s wife is sleeping with it turns everything on it’s head and leads to a lot of people dying.

I wouldn’t say that the movie was terrible, but I wouldn’t say it was very good. There are some pretty gaping plot holes throughout the whole thing and it seems like the director needed some guidance from his other half. Do I regret watching the movie? No, not in the least bit, but I wish there was a little more to it. The plot moved along at a good pace, but the end reveal was pretty obvious as things started to play out. The suspense never really built up to a climactic ending as it probably should. Aside from the movie itself though, I thought the acting was very good. Wahlberg and Crowe do an excellent job here as do the supporting cast in Catherine Zeta-Jones and everyone’s favorite football coach Kyle Chandler. So thankfully, due to the decent acting, the movie was watchable and semi-enjoyable. I wouldn’t say run out and buy it, but I would give it a rent if you’re curious.

Technically speaking there’s nothing bad about this blu-ray. The audio and video are pristine, and everything looks and sounds great. This set included both the blu-ray and the DVD as well as an iTunes digital copy and an ultraviolet digital copy. The special features aren’t too bad, but I’m a sucker from behind-the-scenes featurettes so a 35 minute BTS made me happy. You also get to check out about 9 minutes of deleted scenes, along with an alternate ending to the flick (which is pretty dumb).

So while the flick isn’t really unique or have that “wow” factor, it’s not the worst thing I’ve seen and is worth checking out if you’re curious.