“Bindlestiffs” is the Next Release from Kevin Smith’s SModcast Pictures

bindlestiffs trailer kevin smith smodcast pictures

[youtube id=”FfNJ4mKWtHA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

If you’re not familiar with what Kevin Smith is doing these days then this may not make a lot of sense to you. Essentially he’s become a conduit for getting low budget movies out to the masses using his pull around Hollywood. The first movie released under the “SModcast Pictures” moniker was “Red State”, which I enjoyed immensely. Smith wrote and directed that one himself, but this time he’s releasing and promoting a film made by three kids totally unaffiliated with him. “Bindlestiffs” is about… well, honestly I don’t even know what it’s about based on this trailer. It looks like it could be funny in a weird way, but even after watching the whole clip above I have absolutely no idea what the plot of the movie is. All I know is that apparently a man witnessed some kids jerking off a homeless man against his will… and that’s about all I got out of this. But keep an eye out as Kevin Smith and company take the movie on the road as they promote it doing Q&A and appearances similar to what they did with “Red State”. Personally I’ll probably wait until this hits VOD or DVD before giving it a shot, but if this looks like your thing let us know how it is.