“Ben and Burman: The Web Series” Starts September 21st

Ben and Burman Trailer by BenAndBurman

My friends have partnered up with Daily Motion to finally release their web series on the world. It feels like ages ago when Burman approached me to help fund a project that him and a buddy were working on, but it’s finally happening! Burman and I go way back so naturally I agreed to help him out in any way I could and after reading through their impressive investor packet, I figured it was a no brainer and fired a check off to some guy named Ben that I had never met. The series was shot and screened for us and then sat on a shelf for a while. I had pretty much written off my investment as a loss until now, “Ben and Burman” is finally debuting on the web.

So please check out the trailer above and subscribe to the Daily Motion page as well as the Facebook page, Twitter page, whatever page you can find. New videos will be posted each week and I’ll repost them all here and bug you again to check them out. There is no reason not to watch them as they run 3-7 minutes in length.

Ben and Burman Official Daily Motion Page
Ben and Burman Official Facebook
Ben and Burman Official Twitter
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