“Battleship” Trailer #2

battleship trailer 2

I hope you’re ready for the latest Transformers trailer… I mean Battleship trailer. Seriously, this just looks as if one of those shitty production companies like “The Asylum”, threw together a Transformers clone in the middle of the ocean. And is it me or is Rihanna a terrible actress? I hope that’s the way her character is supposed to talk because it almost sounds like she forget every other word in her line. It must just be the week of terrible trailers, first we get “The Three Stooges” and now this. Whoever thought that a movie based on the board game “Battleship” would be good needs to be fired right now. Actually, the person that didn’t fire that person as soon as this movie was suggested, should also be fired… this is awful. Did anyone notice the clip in the trailer where Eric Northman (can’t spell his real name) looks almost straight at the camera as an explosion happens to his left, blowing his face around… talk about laughable.