Bam Margera Presents: Where The Fuck is Santa? Mini Review

I’m a fan of the old CKY videos as well as Jackass and Bam’s other movie Haggard so I was surprised when I had never heard of this new movie, Where The Fuck is Santa?. I’m actually not the biggest Bam Margera fan in the world, but I do enjoy watching the retarded things rich people do with their money.

Where the Fuck is Santa? Is about Bam going to Finland to search for the “real” Santa and bring him back to West Chester for Christmas. He brings a bunch of friends with and leaves a few friends with his wife Missy back at home. Of course all those rock bands that Bam is friends with make appearances throughout the film, Him, 69 Eyes, etc, as well as The Dudesons. They basically trek through the snowy land of Finland searching for some town that Santa supposedly lives in while Missy and Bam’s parents are back home trying to deal with Jimmy Pop and some other guy as they prepare for a Christmas party.

The movie wasn’t terrible, but I didn’t like the fact that it was trying to feel un-scripted when it clearly was. Either go one way or the other. I understad for Jackass type stuff you have to plan things out, but there were things in here that were totally scripted reactions and it just took away from that realism that came with the CKY/Jackass type stuff. I did enjoy Bam’s first totally scripted movie, Haggard, so either pick one or the other, don’t try to combine the two. But if you’re looking for a fairly entertaining hour and a half of Bam and his buddys romping around Finland then check this out, but don’t expect to see the usual group of guys. DiCamillo, Dunn, Raab Himself, Rake Yohn, Don Vito… none of those guys make even a cameo in this one. I don’t know if they just parted ways or just had no desire to be in this, but I think it would have been better with the original group.