Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy Join Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight Rises”

anne hathaway tom hardy

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the official announcement was made this morning that Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy will be joining the cast as major characters in Christopher Nolan’s next, and probably final, installment in his Batman series. While there was no official announcement made as to which character Anne Hathaway will be playing, many believe she will be playing Catwoman. However, Tom Hardy has been named as the Bane character which some of you may know as the extremely muscular guy that broke Batman’s back in the 90’s.

I for one think these are great casting choices and I completely trust Nolan in what he’s doing. I remember when Heath Ledger was cast as The Joker and everyone thought it was the worst casting decision ever… I dare you to try and say that now. I am still curious as to how Nolan will portray the Bane character on film. In the comics he gets addicted to a drug that gives him extreme strength after he was a test subject while in prison and he becomes absolutely huge. I hope he can pull it off without making it look ridiculous… I will say though, I’m looking forward to seeing Hathaway in that tight leather body suit…

What do you guys think of these casting choices?

source: Hollywood Reporter