Alamo Drafthouse Movie Theater Cell Phone Policy

If you’ve never heard of the Alamo Drafthouse don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s a chain of theaters that allows you to drink beer while watching a movie, or so I’m lead to believe. Either way, it’s not really important to the story. A few days ago a story broke about how a woman was kicked out of one of their theaters for using her cell phone, in turn she called and left an angry voicemail that the Drafthouse then turned into a PSA that they play before movies to warn others about using their cell phones in the theater.

All I can say to this is… bravo! It’s about time a theater took a stand on cell phones and I think their policy is perfect. There are plenty of signs and warnings before all of their movies that if you use a cell phone in the theater you will be kicked out without a refund, but apparently this girl got to the theater a bit late and didn’t know the policy… She claims she was only using her phone to find her way to her seat because it was dark in the theater, but I’m pretty sure it would be against regulations if there wasn’t some sort of dimly lit path along the stairs/aisle as most theaters have. She then goes to claim that she’s texted in every other theater in Austin and it’s never been a problem… I mean come on, the phone was on silent anyways!! Seriously, this is the worst argument ever.

First of all, silent doesn’t turn off the glow of the screen idiot. It’s not the tapping of the keys that is the annoying part of a cell phone in a pitch black room, it’s the screen!! Go into a room in your house with no light and turn on your cell phone screen and see how bright it is, it’s the same thing! It is a huge distraction in a movie theater and I can’t stand people who think that just because it’s on silent it’s ok to pull it out…

So thank you to the Alamo Drafthouse for calling attention to this problem and taking a stand and strictly enforcing your cell phone policy. I have no doubt that this will increase the amount of people that visit your establishment knowing that they will have a cell phone-free viewing experience. Hell, if there was one near me I would definitely make it a point to see my movies there.