Podcast – Episode 1 (11.29.11)

The inaugural podcast for is here! As of right now this is just an experiment we decided to try, we’re not sure how it’s going to work or how it’s going to be received, but we figured we talk about this stuff anyways, why not record it and post it on the internet. That’s the exact principle that start, post what we like and if people read it they read it, if not, oh well, we enjoy it. So now instead of reading our posts, you can listen to us talk about them. There’s no real structure to the podcast, we have a list of topics and just jump around as we go. The main idea is to discuss the posts from the past week on the site and then throw in other stuff that we may have seen or heard that we didn’t post about. It all relates back to the content on the site most of the time, but we do tend to go off on tangents.

What to expect this week

We talk briefly about Modern Warfare 3, giving our impressions so far. We also talk a lot about TV shows this week, “The Walking Dead”, “American Horror Story” and “Dexter” are all discussed along with a slight glance towards “The X Factor”. We also discuss my buddy Scott Burman’s web series Ben and Burman as well as what we did over thanksgiving. And rounding out the episode I give a quick rundown of “Chillerama”, the recent Blu-Ray that I reviewed for the site.

The podcast doesn’t necessarily follow that order and there are spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the latest episodes of those shows I would suggest not listening. So without further adieu, here’s a pointless podcast by 2 dudes over a shitty skype connection.

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