Podcast – Episode 7 (05.19.12)


acslater podcast

Could it be? Is there really a new podcast on the site? Holy Sh&% there is! And this is a special episode of the podcast as Slim (aka Mr. Belding) were actually in the same room at the same time. For those of you unaware, Slim and I don’t live in the same area so we’ve done all of the previous podcasts via Skype which leads to some not-so-great audio quality. We’ve tried to remedy that by combining separate recordings in post-production, but our equipment just isn’t that great. Ironically enough recording the podcast using the iPhone’s Voice Memos app sounds almost better than the ones we’ve done using our computer mics.

The other special thing about this episode is that it was recorded in a hotel room on the eve of my wedding! Yup, I’m officially off the market, sorry ladies (and gentlemen). That’s why you may have noticed Mr. Belding doing a lot of posting over the last couple weeks while I was away on my honeymoon, but I’m back now… with no wedding to plan… so hopefully more time for podcasts and writing.

Ok, with that all out of the way, give the episode a listen. This episode we discuss Birdemic: Shock & Terror, Community, a tree full of pikachus… this is just a completely random episode (as most of them are).

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