“A Good Day To Die Hard” Trailer

a good day to die hard trailer

[youtube id=”Uaz4ETQxE1Y” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Yup, they made another Die Hard movie. And yes, there are tons of explosions and Bruce Willis delivering corny lines. Nothing will ever capture the same charm that the original Die Hard had, and after hearing the stories about how terrible Bruce Willis was to work with on the set of Kevin Smith’s “Cop Out”, I don’t know that I can take him seriously… Although, it was a Kevin Smith movie (although he didn’t direct it), so who knows what actually went on, the man’s a great story teller. Either way, here we are again, with another attempt to reboot and revitalize the Die Hard series… we’ll see how this goes. At least that chick on the motorcycle looked pretty hot. Oh and did I mention that John McClane Jr. shows up in this one…

“A Good Day To Die Hard” comes out on Valentine’s Day 2013 (February 14, 2013)