“A Good Day to Die Hard” Blu-Ray Giveaway

a good day to die hard giveaway

“A Good Day to Die Hard” was released on Blu-Ray yesterday, just in time for father’s day. And what better way to say thanks for all your dad does than by picking up a copy of this flick! Short on cash this father’s day? Why not win a copy of the blu-ray from us! Sure it won’t make it to you by father’s day, but it’s the thought that counts, right…

We have 2 copies of “A Good Day to Die Hard” on blu-ray to give away. All you have to do is enter your email address in the box below and you’ll be entered to win! However there are some rules, you must be a resident of the US to be eligible.


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This blu-ray is jam packed with special features and content.

A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD 2-Disc BD/Ultraviolet/DVD & DC

  • Disc 1: Blu-ray
    • Extended Cut of the Film
    • Deleted Scenes
      • Jack Scopes Out Courthouse
      • Collins Gets Approval to Move
      • John McClane Original Introduction
      • Russian Girls on Plane
      • Safe House Intrusion
      • Gun Store
      • Fight with Anton
    • Making it Hard to Die
      • Introduction
      • Stunts
      • Helicopters and Aerial
      • Special Effects
      • Motion Base
      • Armoury
      • Russia and Budapest
      • The Look of the Movie
      • Chernobyl
      • Camera Work
      • Editorial Los Angeles
      • Color Grading
      • Visual Effects
      • Film Scoring
      • Wrap Up
    • Anatomy of a Car Chase
    • Two of a Kind
    • Back in Action
    • The New Face of Evil
    • Pre-vis
      • Cold Opening
      • Desert Heist
      • Truck Chase
    • VFX Sequences
    • Stills: Gallery
      • Storyboards
      • Concept Art
    • Theatrical trailers
    • Commentary by Director John Moore and First Assistant Director Mark Cotone
    • Maximum McClane
  • Disc 2: DVD & Digital Copy (Film only)
a good day to die hard blu-ray cover art