“22 Jump Street” Official Red Band Trailer

22 jump street red band trailer

“21 Jump Street” was one of my favorite comedy movies of 2012. It came out of nowhere and had every opportunity to fail, but it didn’t; it was funny as shit. I still watch it almost every month, in fact I watched it again last night. It was only natural that we got a sequel and it’s only fitting that it’s named “22 Jump Street”. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are back, but instead of infiltrating high school looking for drugs, they are now going to college… looking for drugs. I just like the fact that movie knows what it is and isn’t trying to be anything else. It knew the first one was just a ploy to get money off the name, and they know the 2nd one is just trying to capitalize on the success of the first one. I just hope that it’s better than The Hangover II, which basically did the exact same thing, only failed at it pretty hard.