“21 Jump Street” – Trailer vs. Red Band Trailer

21 jump street red band trailer vs trailer

[youtube id=”ISJR4rVO0TQ” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Yes, they are making a “21 Jump Street” movie and yes it features Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. Now that we’ve gotten over the shock and horror of that lets talk about the trailers. I caught the first trailer on TV a couple weeks ago and immediately thought that the movie looked awful… honestly, the normal trailer still makes the movie look awful, but then I saw the red band trailer. A red band trailer is basically like an unrated trailer for movies. They usually appear only online and are often times much better than the regular trailer because it gives you a bit more incite into the actual movie. I actually didn’t even realize this movie was rated R until I saw the red band trailer as the normal trailer makes it look extremely dumb. Although I’m not saying the movie won’t be dumb, but at least the red band trailer made me realize that it is an R rated comedy and looks semi-funny. For whatever reason I like Channing Tatum. He’s not a great actor, but it seems like he knows that. He plays the bumbling idiot cop in these trailers extremely well and I’ll definitely be checking this one out on Blu-Ray after seeing the red band trailer.

So check out the normal trailer above, and then check out the red band trailer below and let us know what you think? Did it change your mind about the movie? Did it at least look semi-funny in comparison to the terrible normal trailer above?

21 Jump Street Red Band Trailer

[youtube id=”6oESkRCNO8A” width=”600″ height=”350″]