2010 MTV Twilight Stroke Fest aka Movie Awards

In the past 10 years I can’t recall anything good about the MTV Movie Awards and while this years was still kinda ‘meh’, Tom Cruise absolutely owned the show. He reprised his role as Les Grossman from ‘Tropic Thunder’ in both the pre-show promos as well as during the show itself. He came out and yelled at Ed Helms and Ken Jeong during their piano performance and then later did an incredible dance number with Jennifer Lopez. He was by far the best part of the show, but that’s not to say that host Aziz Ansari was bad at all, but I was expecting a little more from him.

The opening was decent, not nearly as funny as some of the other stand up comedians have done in the past, but it was funny. Some of the interlude sketches were a little off, but some where just so awkward they were funny. Overall I think he did a great job hosting the show for what it was. Sandra Bullock was great, but it did seem like MTV was just giving her the award this year because of everything she’s gone through, but good for her for coming out and even poking a little fun at herself. She’s definitely a class act (which is evident in the acceptance speech she gave for the entertainer of the year award she received from the troops earlier in the week) and deserves much better than Jesse James. I’m sure she’ll be just fine.

So I thought the show was fairly entertaining, but there were quite a few bad things about it, as usual. First of all none of the presenters seemed like they wanted to be there and I don’t blame them. The awards are based on votes from the fans of the movies so it was pretty obvious who was going to clean up…. Twilight. The MTV demographic is 12 year old girls so if any other movie won any award it would have been a major upset. The gratuitous use of “fuck” was funny at first, but got a little old after a while. I have no doubt that 75% of those “fucks” were written into the script for the presenters and during the sketches, and most were bleeped out, but after awhile the people accepting awards started to get in on it and started dropping “fucks” left and right. A few did make it through the cracks and I’m sure MTV will get an ear full, but it is a cable network and it was later than prime time on a Sunday so I don’t think there will be too much in terms of repercussions (despite what some idiots on the radio were saying this morning). As for performances, I already mentioned that Tom Cruise as Les Grossman stole the show, Jennifer Lopez didn’t even really sing, just danced with him. Other than that, there was a ‘meh’ performance by Katy Perry, the best thing about it was her top, and then a terrible performance by Christina Aguilera… why is she trying to be Lady Gaga? We all know you can sing, so stop hiding behind this other crap and sing! I fast forwarded through most of it, but what I did catch sucked so I’m assuming the whole thing did.

A few things need to happen for the MTV awards to be “good” again (actually I’m not sure they were ever good, but at least better). 1. Do not let fans decide who wins the awards. I understand that 12 year olds are the demographic, but to have Twilight win every single award is just stupid. ‘The Hangover’ should have won best movie hands down. 2. Les Grossman should “produce” every year from here on out, he was by far the best part of the show. 3. Come up with a more creative way to hand out awards, it seems like the actors don’t really want to be there so make it somewhat exciting for everyone. And 4. Don’t do the show live anymore. I know live TV always makes for some crazy antics, but when the censors are forced to start bleeping every other word for fear that it may be “fuck”, it ruins almost everything that anyone has to say. I know I fast forward through most of the acceptance speeches anyways, but still it was pretty annoying.

So what did you think of the show, if you watched it?