Creative Halloween Costume Ideas

creative halloween costume ideas

With Halloween just a week away, it’s time to start putting those creative Halloween costumes together. Sure, you can be just another slutty nurse, slutty bert, slutty slut, but don’t you want to actually be creative? Don’t get me wrong, as I guy I love girls on Halloween, but every year it’s the same thing. It’s just an excuse for girls to wear next to nothing in public. I want some creativity, some class, some ingenuity… That’s what makes Candylion so special. If you can combine both creativity and slutiness then more power to you, but that’s not going to be easy.

I’ve taken hours and hours to scour reddit the internet, to find some of the most creative Halloween costumes I could. Get creative this year, make your own costume, put some effort into it. Nobody is going to remember another slutty pumpkin, but they will remember you if your face was unzipped from your chin to your forehead. And if you have any other creative ideas feel free to let us know in the comments, we’ll keep this updated with any other creative costumes we find.

Jessie Spano and Zack Morris


Angelina Jolie and Baby

angelina jolie and baby halloween costume

Little Green Army Men

little green army men halloween costume

Cartman’s Awesom-O Robot

cartman awesom-o robot halloween costume

Baby Wants Out

baby wants out of pregnant belly halloween costume

Banksy Flower Thrower

banksy flower thrower halloween costume

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice

beetlejuice mask halloween costumes

Black and White People

black and white people halloween costume

Riding a Large Chicken

riding a large chicken halloween costume

Drunk Guy Makes Out With Hottest Chick At Party On YouTube

drunk guy makes out with chick on youtube halloween costume

Harry Potter 3 Headed Dog – Fluffy

harry potter 3 headed dog fluffy halloween costume

The Human Centipede

the human centipede halloween costume

Midget Moving Boxes

midget moving boxes halloween costume

Creepy Old Man Piggy Back Ride

creepy old man piggy back ride halloween costume

Pixel Face

pixel face halloween costume

Van Gogh Painting

van gogh painting halloween costume

Zombie Head in A Box

zombie head in a box halloween costume

Zipper Face

zipper face halloween costume

zipper face halloween costume

Carrying People

carrying people halloween costume animated gif

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