The Tower Chronicles Preview

So this is something that is a little bit newer here at I have always been a huge graphic novel reader, and I figured, hey why not talk about some of these fantastic novels out there? The first one that I am going to talk about is a new novel written by Matt Wagner with art by Simon Bisley entitled; The Tower Chronicles, published by Legendary Comics.


This story follows a vigilante protagonist aptly named “John Tower”, whom seems to be some sort of bounty hunter hired by clients to get their loved ones or other civilians back from the evil that has overtaken them. In this first sneak preview, Tower is hired by a client to retrieve his wife back after she had been killed and possessed by an evil entity. He hides out in the shadows and tracks these beasts with his stealth and cunning attacking skills. I am actually very interested in seeing how this story will progress. It seems like a nice solid plot and sort of reminds me of a “Punisher” type, minus the reasons why he kills (if you read the punisher max comics you would see some style similarities). At any rate, this 12 page preview made me mad at the end because the story was so intense! I wanted to know what else was going to happen. Guess I’ll have to wait.


The art style is a nice combination of heavy dark blues, reds and blacks. It really gives you a chilling , back alley beating up baddies, kind of feel. I found the characters awesomely drawn as well as the antagonists. The dark hues, as I stated above, give the environment a haunting aspect that fits perfectly into the story line. The characters and surroundings are very detailed, as well as the well defined use of shadowing.

So there you have it, a small preview of The Tower Chronicles. Make sure you go pick this one up. I definitely will be checking out this series when more books are released. This first episode, Geisthawk-Volume 1, hit the shelves on September 26, 2012, and comes in two different covers; EITHER the Jim Lee cover OR the Simon Bisley cover. You can also submit some questions to the writer/co-Creator Matt Wagner and Legendary Comics Editor-in-Chief Bon Shreck via The Tower Chronicles Facebook Page!

How and when did you come up with the premise for The Tower Chronicles?

Matt Wagner: The original concept was the brainchild of Thomas Tull, owner of Legendary Entertainment. He wanted it to be the first all-original product from his new comic book company. He turned to editor-in-chief Bob Schreck and said, “Find me someone who’s well-established in the comic book industry, who you respect and who won’t be afraid to tell the boss when his ideas are not so good.” Bob said that I was the first one he called. We then took the idea that Thomas had percolating and turned it into a pretty grand, epic comic book saga that will eventually total in excess of over 800 pages of story and art.

How is your writing process different working on Tower Chronicles versus something you draw yourself?

Matt Wagner: I will say there was probably a short learning curve, but we(Simon Bisley and I) quickly got into each other’s grooves and now we’re a well-greased machine. I’ve gotten better and better about knowing what to ask for from Simon and he’s gotten better and better at delivering what my scripts delineate. In fact he said to me at San Diego Comic-Con this year, “This just feels like you’ve written it exactly for me.” I think it shows in how quickly he’s been producing it. This is definitely the longest narrative Simon has ever done and he’s a little over 200 pages into it—which is alot of work! It’s been a terrific experience, and I think everyone associated with the book agrees that we can’t imagine anyone except Simon drawing it at this point.

As happy as we are with the first volume, I can say with no hesitation that this book only gets better and better as it goes – Both with the depth of story, the emotional involvement, and the grand epic scale of this art.  The excitement just builds and builds in this tale.

THE TOWER CHRONICLES: Geisthawk – Volume 1 is Available Now in your local comic shop, at, and via Comixology Download!