The Massive Black Pacific: “Antarctica” #5 Review

Running low on crucial supplies, the crew of the Kapital head for a supposedly abandoned science station in Antarctica. But when Mary, second in command aboard the Kapital, and Ryan, the only American aboard, find the station occupied, a supply run turns into a deadly fight for survival.




Story starts out with our two main ladies walking along in Antarctica chit chatting about a “crash” that has caused a fallout throughout the world. The main concern on these ladies minds is to find ice. Yes ice, 2,000 year old ice. In order to find this said ice, which is to contain the freshest water obtainable by any human is to explore these boreholes. The only places these boreholes could be found at were these research stations positioned in random areas throughout the Arctic. The stations were ran by a research group, but after the Crash, became basically abandoned. Now these two women, Mary and Ryan, whom is the only American upon the ship, The Kapital, must survive and overcome the cold Antarctic landscape in search of this ice. Both of these women are part of a group, that is described as a sort of protest/activist group called the “Ninth Wave”. This story is very captivating. It brings you in and leaves you at the edge wanting more. Its style of writing gives you a feeling of being in a sci-fi, fallout, post apocalyptic environment. I am pretty excited to see where this is going to go. At first it started out kind of slow, but it built up the more you went on. I give kudos to the writer Brian Wood for his captivating and original story.


The art was solid. The artist Gary Brown’s great use of depth perception. It gives you a good look at how vast and large Antarctica is. The characters are pretty well drawn and good detail is given to show a more realistic style. No many bright colors were used, but that is very fitting for the bland colorization of the area they are at. Overall solid work.

Like I said, I really enjoyed this. I was not too sure what I was getting into, but after cracking it and getting into the story it really grabbed me and made me want more. I will definitely be checking out the rest this story arc as well as getting into the entire series. I really like the writing style as well as the picturesque way that the environment and other aspects are depicted. Pick this one up readers!