The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

hunger games book review

the hunger games book reviewAs many of you know I read a lot of books, and this particular book has a movie coming out in a month and a half. The book as you can see in the title is The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins. This is the first book of the trilogy. I really was not aware that these books even existed until I was scouring over the good old and saw a posting for a trailer for this movie. I kind of did some background checking and was quite interested in the premise of the book. At first I was convinced this was just the American version of Battle Royal, but I guess I was wrong. I won’t get into the discussion over it, because really the only thing similar is that it’s kids.

The setting of this book is in an a country that has been broken into 13 districts raging from poor to extremely poor. Each district had their specialty. For instance District 12 specialized in coal production. All of these districts are overseen by The Capitol, which is like Governing body of the entire country. We are given a little bit of history on how the districts came along and how they rebelled against The Capitol, thus bringing on The Hunger Games.

I won’t get into much about the games, but, as most have seen, it’s a fight until there’s only 1 left alive, and that person is crowned victor and gets specially treated by the Capitol. Katniss’ reason for being a tribute in the games is because her little sister, Prim, is selected. The odds of being picked depend on how old you are and how many times you signed up for tesserae. So Prim being picked is of course a long shot in Katniss’ mind because her name is only in there once!

So the tributes get to be dressed, fed and served until the games start. Her mentor, Haymitch, whom was also a victor, is a pretty likable character, but not really. He is a drunk and non remorseful individual whom Katniss believes is just going to get her killed. We also get to meet Peeta, who is the tribute from district 12. They give you a short back story about how Katniss and Peeta first met. Another character you meet is Cinna, Katrniss’ designer. He is new to the job and has an instant connection to Katniss and her motives.

The rest of the book is a night by night, play by play version of the games. It’s very intense at some parts. You get to meet some of Katniss’ allies and whatnot, but I really do not want to ruin it for you.

I recommend reading this trilogy of books. I just finished book two of three