The Creep #2 Review



The story continues as we find our mysterious private eye, Oxel, continuing the case that he can not seem to let go of, the suicide of his buddy Mike, which is believed to be linked to the suicide of Curtis. As you may, or may not know if you are not a reader of this particular book, Oxel is a man with a condition that causes deformity of his body as well as the painful agony of having migraines. He ends up having to ingest pills to help with this said disease.

At the beginning we are introduced to a small dialogue between a husky bearded man and woman. This man becomes important and can be seen later on in this read. Oxel goes to the Red Cross in search of this man, though the receptionist says he has never come back, leaving his cart, which is uncharacteristic. Oxel then goes to visit his buddy Mike’s house to see his mother. Here he inquires about certain things that may have possibly lead to this tragic happening. Mikes’ mother shows Oxel some drawings that he had made when he [Mike] was sketching everything he saw. One picture catches Oxel’s eye and he begins to inquire about the man he has been following. Then all of a sudden Ox is interrupted by a phone call from Steph, whom states she had seen the man, and that he had left without saying where he was going. The only problem is, her credit card has gone missing, and it had been used by the bearded man that we were introduced to in the beginning. The man has fled. What is in store for Ox!?


The art seems to have an old school type feel, which is appropriate to the time and setting of the story. The colors are flat and no use of gradients are apparent. I really enjoyed the homage they paid to the 80’s by using this style of artistic creativity.

The story seems to be a nice slow continuing saga that is well constructed and gripping to a point that it keeps you sucked in. Oxel’s character keeps the same demeanor throughout the story. John Arcudi gives him a “woe is me” type of attitude that seems to fit the character well, being he suffers from a deformity as well as the bad headaches. I actually enjoyed this one as well. Its pretty dark and depressing, being that its been about teen suicide. It can be a bit too much for some readers, but if you enjoy a pretty decent dark detective saga, then you will enjoy The Creep!