Orchid #10 Review



The story continues in the 10th book with our hero now without a family and on a course of revenge to put an end to the man whom killed her mother and brother. Orchid is now in possession of the mythical mask that was once worn by the famed warrior, and rebel leader General China. She came across this possession after forming a group with a Shadow Rebel, Simon and a mysterious man with great skill named Opal. Opal, whom Orchid knows very little about, turns out to be none other than the infamous General China! Now, Orchid with this prized possession becomes the leader of the Bridge People, and leads them on a final assault to lay waste and justify the killing of her family.

The band of rebels find themselves in a bit of a pickle upon breaching the fortress of Tomo Wolfe, with some well placed help from Westin. Just when they think they can capture and kill Wolfe, he pulls a quick one on them, and they are introduced to his home. This part of the story was very intense. You really get the feeling that they can possibly overcome this evil, but are faced with some pretty impossible odds. We also get to see the mysterious man who was in book 9 (pirate looking guy). By the looks of it he will be on the side of the Shadow Rebels, after all he did help the group survive the evil robotic killers, the Sire Varasheen, after they were ordered to kill the rebels from Tomo’s right hand man Gletkin. Will this man be the individual to help the Shadow Rebels overcome the evil grasps of the Wolfe regime?


If you read my previous post on my overall thoughts on the novel, you will see that I praised the art. It has a nice dark feel to it. The colors and environment give you the feeling of being in the slums of some of these small bridge people towns. Also the use of the dark blues and shades of different gray/blacks were used very appropriately for the mood of this story. I do not claim to be an art “specialist” in any way, this is just how I feel about it. Overall good stuff!

Hopefully you readers have picked up this novel by Tom Morello, if not go out to your local shops and pick it up! Or you can order it online. Its a good story about post apocalyptic times and I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy it. Tune in next time for the next installment!