Everyone Loves a Good Book! Right?!

zombie survival books

Here at acslater.com we read a lot. Well I read a lot. AC still hasn’t learned how to read The Cat in the Hat. It’s that damned “C” word he can’t say. Any way I just recently received a Kindle Fire for Christmas. Needless to say it’s the shit! I love it. I have lots of books, mostly zombie or survival books. I enjoy the action’y, allow your mind to go into an alternate universe, badass books. So I would like your input. Would you like to see some small reviews of books on here? If you have any ideas let us know! I will write a few and see how well received they are and then go from there. I hope to hear something. The first book I will talk about is the first part of the “Autumn” Series by David Moody. So far its a very interesting read.