Buffy the Vampire Slayer s09 #14 Review

We all know Buffy the Vampire Slayer from the television show with that pretty attractive girl Sarah Michelle Gellar, well there is also a long time running comic book by one of the best known names in the comic-verse, Joss Whedon. This comic is based off of the show, but does not follow exactly with what is actually going on, meaning different characters etc.



Buffy is known all around as the most furious Vampire slayer out there, but now there is a new breed of vampires called “Zompires”, or zombie/vampires obviously. These creatures do not need complete darkness to survive as long as they can find protection from some light, they can still feed. In this book we get to meet Billy. He is a loner of sorts. He is also gay. This is the first time there has ever been a gay vampire slayer. Billy lives with his grandmother Sky, who is portrayed as a hippie of some kind. Billy takes out his aggression from getting bullied by some of the neighborhood boys by learning to box. This will come in handy when facing some zompires. After running into a zompire on his way home, and kicking its ass, he runs into “Cute” Devon, of whom he has a crush on. Devon tells him about the zompires and about Buffy and how slayers are not just chosen, they can be anyone willing to fight. So Billy and Devon agree to join forces, Billy being the slayer and Devon being the watcher.


The art was decent for sure. As in my previous reviews, this artist uses the darker shades of colors to give a haunting eerie feel to the environment. The zompires are pretty creepy, sadistic looking creatures with a nice shade and nice detail to show their sharp fangs.

When I first read this I thought maybe I had misnamed the book. It was a definite twist, and something that I really have never seen. I am a big Whedon fan, so it would be hard for me not to expect something like this coming from him and his group of writers. It was a pretty nice story arc, and I am kind of interested in seeing how Billy and his new boy fend off the zompires until Buffy can come in and help eliminate this threat. If you have not read this series, I would suggest it. I never have to be honest and I picked up the first few and enjoyed it. Its hard not to enjoy Buffy as well as anything Whedon is a part of.