Q101 Chicago Going All Talk Radio?

Word on the street is that Chicago’s ONLY decent alternative/rock station still on the air (RIP 103.5, before it was KISS FM), Q101 is being shut down in favor of an all talk radio station. I don’t even know what to say to this except, and pardon my language, FUCK YOU!, whoever is behind this whole deal, Randy Michaels, Merlin Media, whatever the fuck you want to be called… seriously, fuck you. I was happy when you got rid of Mancow, but changing the entire format of the radio station is a huge mistake and I hope if you do make the decision to switch formats it completely fails and every other radio station beats the shit out of you in the ratings. I will personally listen to your competitors my entire commute to work just to help them out. Why couldn’t you have bought 103.5 and taken that trash off the air instead? No, you had to fuck with one of the staples of Chicago radio, a radio station that has been around for 20+ years through everything from grunge to nu-metal and even rap-rock, yet despite playing Limp Bizkit they still managed to keep listeners.

I’m going to quit my ranting now, but seriously this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard and I really do hope that if you change the format it fucks you in the ass so hard that your dog gets pregnant. Seriously… bullshit. This rumor better not turn out to be true.

source: chicagonow.com

Update (7/12/11): From what I gathered from the Sherman & Tingle show this morning, their last day is this Thursday (7/14/11) and Q101 will change formats after that… shitty.