Michael Jackson Dies and People Go Crazy

Now don’t get me wrong Michael Jackson is the King of Pop and will always be one of the greatest musical artists who ever lived, but I don’t understand how some of these people are going so crazy over his death. Sure it’s always sad when someone dies and he’s obviously inspired and touched millions of people around the world, but 99% of these people have never met the guy and probably never even gotten within 5 feet of him and honestly he hasn’t really been relevant for 20 or so years. He’s been messed up for years now and everyone knew that he wasn’t doing well health wise for years, just look at the guy. If it hadn’t been for the bad publicity over since 1993, I would have thought he died in 1991 after putting out “Dangerous”.

I’m not trying to bash Michael or anything, but when you look at the last 20 years what do you remember about him? In 1991 he put out his album “Dangerous” which is probably his last big hit record. It had singles like “Jam”, “Dangerous”, “Remember The Time”, and “Black or White”, pretty good songs, but nothing like his previous albums. So that was 1991, what did he put out after that, “HIStory”, which came out in 1995 and the only song I remember off of that album is “Scream” on which he teamed up with Janet Jackson and filmed one of the most expensive music videos ever (at the time). The album was a 2 disc set, but the 1st disc was basically a greatest hits album and the 2nd disc didn’t have any real notable tracks on it (that I can remember at least). Then in 2001 he put out “Invincible” which I don’t even think I could name one song off of.  So since the “Dangerous” album in 1991 there hasn’t been a hugely popular, hugely significant album/song released by Michael that I can recall, but of course he was still relevant in pop culture and it’s not because of those couple albums.

In 1993 Jackson was accused of child sexual abuse. I would argue that this was the turning point for Michael and that his life would never be the same after this. “Dangerous” was a very successful album in 1991 and to follow up with being accused of sexually abusing a child is a great way to kill anyone’s success. After that Michael married Lisa Marie Presley which was just weird, especially that kiss on the MTV Music Awards. The marriage didn’t last that long and was just another strange moment in the quirky artists life. 1995 rolled around and Michael released “HIStory” which wasn’t anything spectacular and then nothing until 2001’s “Invincible” which was also nothing special. Then in 2005 Jackson was on trial for yet another case of child sexual abuse, this time he was found innocent but I don’t think he’d ever be able to shake his reputation.

Since the early 90’s Jackson just became a very creepy guy. Despite the child sexual abuse charges, his own kids were subjected to some weird behavior. Everyone remembers the incident where he dangled one of his kids off of a balcony, I mean who does that? And who makes their kids wear blankets over their heads when they go out in public… let the kids be kids! As mean as it sounds I’m kinda glad the kids can now hopefully grow up in a better environment than they had with Michael, granted I hope Joe Jackson doesn’t get a hold of them, but the way Michael treated them was just strange. There’s no doubt that he loved his kids and treated them well, but some of his decisions regarding them just didn’t seem right. I’m sure the kids will be just fine.

We all know that Michael Jackson was a strange guy for most of his later life and it’s pretty obvious that he hasn’t made any significant contribution to the music industry since 1991, so why are seemingly normal people taking days off work to mourn the loss of this guy? I was a huge fan of Michael Jackson in the 80’s/early 90’s growing up and can still appreciate his older music today, but that was 20 years ago. Honestly if he had died after the “Dangerous” album was released in 1991 it may have been better for him. Again I don’t mean to sound like an ass, but as I mentioned above there hasn’t been anything significant since then, just a lot of strangeness. Most of you out there that are mourning the loss of Michael have never met the guy, never been near the guy and probably only know him from pictures, video and music, and guess what, you’ll always have the pictures, videos and music. Just pretend he’s still alive hanging out at neverland ranch not doing anything like he has been for years now, listen to his old music and enjoy it, I’d rather remember the guy I knew from the 80’s rather than the guy that emerged in the mid 90’s, that guy was just creepy. RIP Michael Jackson 1958-1991/2009