Lil Wayne Gets $1 Million Cash For His Birthday

I don’t really care for Lil Wayne or his music. I think most of it is over processed crap, but for some reason I like the Lollipop song. I remember when I first heard “The Block is Hot” back in high school and it wasn’t that bad, but now…. now I don’t even know what he’s saying half the time. Maybe if he took the diamonds out of his mouth or wasn’t sippin syrup all day he’d be coherant in his lyrics. Anyways, I just wanted to show you all that while most Americans are struggling with todays economy, Lil Wayne and Birdman are not. For Lil Wayne’s 26th? birthday, Birdman gave him a Louis Vuitton suitcase with $1 million dollars cash inside. Wow, just wow. These people have too much fucking money.