Elvis' Middle Name is Aron, Why Does his headstone say Aaron?

Elvis middle name was Aron, Why does his headstone say Aaron?

I know this sort of crap has been floating around since the day Elvis died, but check out this news video that claims he could be alive and living as a man named ‘Jesse’, which was Elvis’ identical twin brother that had passed away. DNA tests are currently being done and there is currently a court case in Tennessee about some lady that claims she’s Elvis’ half sister.

Obviously I didn’t believe any of this just by reading the headline just as I don’t believe 2pac is still alive, but either way there are some interesting facts in the video. For instance, DNA that was pulled from a liver biopsy from Elvis that is still on file does not match the DNA that is included in the coroners report from when he died. But saying that, it also neither of those samples match this ‘Jesse’ character either. Also, Elvis’ name is apparently spelled wrong on his tombstone in Graceland, his middel name is Aron, yet the tombstone says Aaron. Apparently, he didn’t want his real name branding a gravesite that he was not in…weird. Obviously I don’t know the reasoning behind the misspelling, but you would think that a person as famous as Elvis would’t have such an obvious error on his tombstone. Then there’s handwriting analysis’ that were done on letters this ‘Jesse’ guy wrote and old Elvis letters, and they are inconclusive. They can’t say they were written by the same person, but they can’t say that they weren’t. And according to family members that were at the funeral, Elvis’ face didn’t look real it looked like a wax figure. From my experience at funerals most of the time the bodies don’t look entirely ‘real’ so some people’s idea of what they should see when they look into an open casket could be different from what they actually see. Or maybe they don’t want to believe the person is really dead and therefore tell themselves it’s only wax and it’s not real… who knows.

Why would Elvis have faked his own death? Well his manager wanted him to do it for the money. He said that Elvis and him could make a lot more money if he were dead than they would if he were alive. And Elvis’ reasoning was to get out of the limelight. Apparently his family had been the target of death threats and other acts of hate and it didn’t seem worth it to him. And apparently, his life insurance policies were never cashed in. This could be completely false, but interesting if it’s true.

I’ve never been one of those people that believe celebrities have the ability to fake their own death and that people like Elvis, 2pac, Biggie and whoever else are hanging out somewhere laughing at everyone that thinks they are dead. But sometimes there’s weird evidence and circumstances that come to light that makes you give things a second thought. But in 2pac and Biggie’s case, they were gunned down in public, which would have made things a lot more complicated if they had planned to fake their own deaths. There is no doubt in my mind that those 2 are 100% dead, but Elvis on the other hand is a little tricky. Who knows, this video just had a few interesting things that kind of made me think so I felt like sharing. Do you guys have any thoughts on this? Don’t some of the circumstances and evidence kind of make you think a little harder about it? Maybe it’s just me…

source/video: MyFox Washington

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  • AB

    I’ve been a cop for 30yrs and with these forensic handriting experts-they need a ‘mountain’ of control examples of proven-handwriting specimens to compare. If they don’t have this, then the result will be inconclusive. Regarding the Jesse/Elvis letters – they look the same to me (it’s not rocket science)and the result of he expert study tells me that the writer is likely to be the same person. I recently emailed Larry Geller and asked him about whether Elvis had re-invented himself and this is what I got emailed back, “You should know that Elvis was getting ready in 1977 to ‘re-invent himself’ and by this I’m referring to the fact that he wanted his life to be transformed from the inside out, his career, his health and in all the other departments of his life”. Someone needs to sort these isues out now as I’ve read reports that in August heat of 2007 (43C) during the ‘candle lit vigil’ alone 13 fans collapsed and died that night! Doctor Hinton refers to film ‘Finding Graceland’ the lead actor upon returning to Graceland on the stairs breaksdown saying “There aint no-BODY here!” is that a clue? Somebody needs to find out the truth whether Elvis is buried there or not because fans have died now waiting in line (this aint about fame or money any more). AB

    • Michael


      • Jeff

        The 2nd A is what you’re pinning your hopes on? He changed his legal documents to reflect 2 A’s. Seriously… learn to Google better. SMH

  • AB

    Further to above DNA with twins is inconclusive in estblishing identity as they have the same profile – the only sure evidence of identification is FINGER PRINTS. How about checking the letters for Elvis/Jesse’s finger-prints? Records do exist from his gun applications. AB

  • do a dna test useing a cotton swab
    in lisa maries, and jessie

    • I.See.Stupid.People

      Who exactly are you talking to?

  • TM

    Lisa Marie will not agree to DNA test. There is an interesting picture of “Jesse” with a kid that is supposedly Lisa Marie’s son. It does look like him. Very interesting story!

    • I.See.Stupid.People

      Look retardo, it looks nothing like Elvis in that pic. Linda Hood Sigmund is a nut job and anyone with a brain or 10% vision can see it’s clearly not Elvis. Maybe Evlis is alive, maybe not – but, please stop spreading stupid rumors. That pic is outright an embarrassment.

  • Eve

    Really shocking but there were always ‘something’ in there.
    Vernon has alive children who can easily give sample for DNA testing. If there was a match between them and Jessie then, Eureka, Jessie is, if not Elvis, then at least related to the family. Then his DNA proves that Elisa had her surname changed for reason.
    I feel kind of pity for this woman and wish her great luck in her investigation before cancer takes her away. What a battle she has started and how brave she should be to stand the pressure.
    And as we became a part of this incredible story I hope that EPE does not pay her off the case as I would love to finally get the truth about Elvis, who knows we might see the great man once again 🙂

    • Sam

      Are you on crack? Vernon does not have ANY alive children to do a DNA test.

  • Eve

    I thought you might be interested in reading this article related to the fascinating story.

    Do you also know when we can expect any move in the case??

    • I.See.Stupid.People

      Sweetie, that’s a fake website with fake news.
      Seeing that it’s been 7 years since your post – I think not.
      Hint.. fake website…
      Don’t you think dear Eliza’s mum would have mentioned if she rolled in the hay with old goat Vernon or young Elvis? C’mon……to confuse the 2 is insanity alone.

  • The following link is for Eliza Presley’s web site:


    • I.See.Stupid.People

      OMG it’s nut job Linda herself. Hey Linda – tell Elvis to come out shut up. No one wants to hear your crazy stories with your bitter old lady attitude.

  • catsy101

    If he really is out there, I would love to talk with him. Not to bombard him with a million questions or to beg for an interview, but just to talk to him. He is my all time hero, my grandma and I used to listen to his songs all the time, and I lost her a few years back. In some small way I would feel like I had a small piece of her back if I could just meet this man. If you are Elvis, please come forward sir and tell the world. Your fans still adore you, even young people listen to your music, and no one would blame you in the slightest for what you did. You did so much for us, sir, you deserved a long rest. Please, please, if you are Elvis, come forward and let the world know the King is still alive and doing okay. I think everyone would respect your privacy now, but everyone would want to know you are still around, alive, and okay.

    Thank you Elvis, and God Bless You And Keep You

  • Me Know

    He is alive. He just doesn’t have the energy or strength to deal with the fanatics. There’s a lot of money at stake and that’s why Elisa’s getting shit on.

    Her story’s true. This is by far the worst kept secret in the world.

    Lisa Marie, do the DNA test. Those of you out there wanting to destroy Elisa, stop it. Has she done anything to you? NO! She’s entitled to know who her dad is.

    • JO

      Eliza was shocked to find out that VERNON might be her dad – she was expecting DNA to reveal Elvis as her father. Now think for a moment – don’t you think that Eliza’s mother would know to tell poor Eliza whether she slept with Vernon or Elvis? DUH….. she’s full of it simply for this. Where’s her mother to say who she slept with? Why is VERNON sucha shocker to her. Why’d she expect Elvis to be the daddy? DUMB.

      • Mel

        Um her mother put her up for adoption. Check the facts

    • JO

      He is alive and her story is true? Oh okay, Elizah – if you say so.

  • Hello,

    All of the above is 100% true and I have refiled my legal case in Chancery Court, Memphis, TN. Here is the link if you are interested:


    Take care,
    Eliza A. Presley

    • SG

      Hi Eliza
      I have read with interest your fight to prove Vernon Presley is your father. Has anything else come of this in the 2 years since this post ? Any further developments on DNA testing ? I have always wondered why it would be so hard to get anyones DNA , we as humans leave it everywhere , cups , cigarettes , knives , forks , gum , hairs , envelopes etc. Let us know how its going with the courts

    • JO

      Please explain, Eliza, why you were not prepared to learn that Vernon might be your father? Why did you think it was possibly Elvis? Didn’t your mother disclose WHO she slept with? Why would Elvis bag and elderly lady when we all know he liked them super young.

  • A.T

    wow this morning i began to search for singers who made covers of recent songs in the style of Elvis, and heard some good ones on You tube, then came across all of this elvis alive stuff,
    i was seven when Elvis(the king of rock & roll) died, and i was aware of who he was and what he did, later in my years i kinda thought to myself i wonder if he could be still here, then reports came out in the press that elvis might have faked his own death, i quickly was very interested in all these claims, i have read a mountain of articles and websites, but a big part of me is saying that Elvis did pass away in 1977, i want to believe so bad that he is still here, and that he is living the rest of his days the way he wanted it to be, away from the limelight and the crazy shit,i would also like to be able to contact linda hood sigmon or for her to contact me so i could ask some questions about jesse.
    one more thing, if Elvis is still here then people should just let him be.
    Andy T

    • GypsyTea

      Linda replied on this website. Can’t you read? Don’t bother contacting her, she will want to sue you if you don’t agree with every word and she has irrational comebacks designed to bite you with her mean demeanor. Something’s not right with her at all.

  • A.T

    Ok i have studied the pics at lindas’s site and those are NOT! elvis,
    i’m sorry if this is gonna upset people, as for the tapes… i would say that the actor is pretty good, but still not the voice of elvis.
    the hair clipping and note about the date of the clippings does not make any sense to me, why would somebody hold on to a piece of thier own hair for all those years? would you? i don’t think so, in a nut shell, i have come to the conclusion that Elvis is dead. and some people are just so obsessed with him that they can’t let go and found someone they believe to be the once king of rock”n”roll and become smitten with the person, almost to the point of a love affair.
    sorry thats my honest opinion

    • TK

      Yeah agree that dude from that pic is too ugly to be Elvis and also looks way older than what elvis would be in the year 1994. Linda Hood Fraud Sigmond is smoking something. It does look like the guy might be a family member, but not Elvis.

  • A.T

    Ok i have more to say, take a close look at the picture of the poolhouse, at first glance you might think you see elvis, but look at the bars in the picture, these are outside making the reflection on the door, now if anybody was on the other side then the bars would run right thru them in the picture, that is not the case, so Elvis is not in the picture sorry folks.
    also look at where the glasses are and zoom in, there is no frame for them. i also viewed the you tube segment on this, the guy is acting, he is reading from cards or something, watch his eyes, and nobody talks in that style, it’s almost like the crappy soap’s you have over here, BAD!!
    so come on people get a grip Elvis is dead let the guy rest in peace.
    and one more thing to linda, i believe it when people say you are a nice lady, but the pics that you say are elvis, are not elvis, and if you have so called contact with jesse then what does he have to say about it all?
    please someone answer me!!!!

    • Tom

      It’s Elvis in that pic. I thought the bars would be in front of him as well, but i tried to recreate this and to my surprise the bars don’t show up that way with camera/glare and solid object. Go figure. Something is deff up with that pic. No joke.

      • CK

        Yes, I think it’s Elvis in that pic too. I’m referring to the pool house photo. The photo where he has white hair and is supposedly with his grandkid is fake. Who would honestly believe that’s him? If Linda Hood Sigmund had a more credible photo, it would change everything. But she has never come up with a solid piece of evidence. We are supposed to simply believe her word? She does not make that easy, she’s full of anger and on prescription psych meds.

  • jal

    i dont know what to believe anymore, but Elvis if you are alive, please come foreward to the public, but keep your fake identity secret.
    All us fans, young and old, do not care what you have done, but it has been 33 years since your alleged death, and a load of your fans are been killed in your name. we understand aas to why you wanted to fake your death, and knowbody can be angry with you for that, but the world has been in mourning over a death that was false. Please make your self known in public and please come forward and let us know you are still alive and well.
    We hope you do the right thing, i myself and several more fans, promise to let you have your privacy, due to your now old age. God bless you, the king of rock and roll. love jess (aged 16) xxxxx

    • A. Thorne

      And if that jesses really IS elvis, when he dies will we ever know?? will it be published?? or will it just keep driving at us for decades to come wondering “was that guy really elvis? did elvis die in 77?”

      • SMH

        Ahh… the smell of pea brains in the air….

  • tony

    elvis lives. i saw him in Hawaii last year at Lanikai beach, and spoke to him. long live the king.

    • I.See.Stupid.People

      Sure you did, Linda.

  • Muley1975

    YOU ARE ALL WRONG!!! Im 36 years old and hes my fathers father! My father is the same age as ELVIS would be (76) and he impregnated my mother when they were all 1 year old, (Elvis being 6 months older than them) because he was such a special guy, NOW I want my millions! Im his grandson!  Get a life people the man IS DEAD

    • Jerry

      Thank you for your childish contribution.

  • SG

    Simply open the grave and see if we have wax or human. If human take DNA and a few simple test would sort it.
    My opinion – Elvis is dead and a lookalike / soundalike won’t change my mind 

    • TK

      Simply open the grave? On what grounds? You can’t just do that because of a “rumor”. And compare DNA to whom? Lisa Marie would have to agree. It’s not simple and your mind is small anyway.

  • Carollee Stacy

    I have always wonder, One Lisa Marie was not upset Like I was when My Father pass. and for a long time she stay out  of the public eye. There are a lot of question but no real answer.

    • I.See.Stupid.People.

      Right. Lisa Marie and Priscila never show any emotion at all. Google Lisa Marie’s interview with Larry King. He asks her if she feels her father around her. She was very uncomfortable and said “there’s a lot of controversy about this.. uhm.. uhm.. I don’t want to answer. I don’t want to answer”. Really??? Why doesn’t she want to answer and WHAT conflict is she referring to? It seemed obvious she was referring to gossip about Elvis being alive. If she meant it in a spiritual context, she would not have been so haywire.. any fool could say it’s personal and she doesn’t want to share or something along that line… but instead she sat there really bent out of shape and speechless.

  • whoa, this post blew up out of nowhere….