Is Elvis Still Alive Living as Jesse?

Elvis' Middle Name is Aron, Why Does his headstone say Aaron?
Elvis middle name was Aron, Why does his headstone say Aaron?

I know this sort of crap has been floating around since the day Elvis died, but check out this news video that claims he could be alive and living as a man named ‘Jesse’, which was Elvis’ identical twin brother that had passed away. DNA tests are currently being done and there is currently a court case in Tennessee about some lady that claims she’s Elvis’ half sister.

Obviously I didn’t believe any of this just by reading the headline just as I don’t believe 2pac is still alive, but either way there are some interesting facts in the video. For instance, DNA that was pulled from a liver biopsy from Elvis that is still on file does not match the DNA that is included in the coroners report from when he died. But saying that, it also neither of those samples match this ‘Jesse’ character either. Also, Elvis’ name is apparently spelled wrong on his tombstone in Graceland, his middel name is Aron, yet the tombstone says Aaron. Apparently, he didn’t want his real name branding a gravesite that he was not in…weird. Obviously I don’t know the reasoning behind the misspelling, but you would think that a person as famous as Elvis would’t have such an obvious error on his tombstone. Then there’s handwriting analysis’ that were done on letters this ‘Jesse’ guy wrote and old Elvis letters, and they are inconclusive. They can’t say they were written by the same person, but they can’t say that they weren’t. And according to family members that were at the funeral, Elvis’ face didn’t look real it looked like a wax figure. From my experience at funerals most of the time the bodies don’t look entirely ‘real’ so some people’s idea of what they should see when they look into an open casket could be different from what they actually see. Or maybe they don’t want to believe the person is really dead and therefore tell themselves it’s only wax and it’s not real… who knows.

Why would Elvis have faked his own death? Well his manager wanted him to do it for the money. He said that Elvis and him could make a lot more money if he were dead than they would if he were alive. And Elvis’ reasoning was to get out of the limelight. Apparently his family had been the target of death threats and other acts of hate and it didn’t seem worth it to him. And apparently, his life insurance policies were never cashed in. This could be completely false, but interesting if it’s true.

I’ve never been one of those people that believe celebrities have the ability to fake their own death and that people like Elvis, 2pac, Biggie and whoever else are hanging out somewhere laughing at everyone that thinks they are dead. But sometimes there’s weird evidence and circumstances that come to light that makes you give things a second thought. But in 2pac and Biggie’s case, they were gunned down in public, which would have made things a lot more complicated if they had planned to fake their own deaths. There is no doubt in my mind that those 2 are 100% dead, but Elvis on the other hand is a little tricky. Who knows, this video just had a few interesting things that kind of made me think so I felt like sharing. Do you guys have any thoughts on this? Don’t some of the circumstances and evidence kind of make you think a little harder about it? Maybe it’s just me…

source/video: MyFox Washington