Eminem We Made You… Eh

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Eminem released the first single off of his upcoming CD, Relapse, this morning entitled, We Made You.

Its exactly what you expect from the first single from Em. Its poppy, the video is borderline stupid, its kind of catchy, but Im not really feeling it, which is ok. I never liked My Name Is, but The Slim Shady LP is one of my favorite albums, so one stupid radio single isnt going to automatically make me think the rest of the album is going to suck. One thing I really dont like about more recent Eminem stuff is the weird tone or accent in his voice. I dont really know how to explain its been in a lot of his newer stuff.

The basis of the new song is taking shots at celebrities, particularly kim kardashian, john mayer, jennifer aniston, amy winehouse, lindsey Lohan, Sam ronsan(sp?), britney spears and probably a few others. The video was shot by the same guy that shot Without Me so it has that same feel to it. Very colorful and Em is running around in all sorts of costumes and stuff.

So I dont know, check out the video or listen to the radio Im sure theyll be playing it, but dont expect more than a basic poppy radio single. Crack a Bottle is a much better song than this one. Hopefully more tracks will start leaking so we can get a feel for what the album will actually be like.

What do you guys think?