David Blaine NOT Hanging Upside Down For 60 Straight Hours

If you haven’t heard about David Blaine’s latest “stunt”, he is currently hanging by his feet suspended from a crane for 60 hours. Apparently everyone was lead to believe that he would be hanging for 60 hours STRAIGHT, with no breaks. However according to some folks that went to check him out yesterday, he was seen standing on a crane taking a break for between 5-10 minutes and then when he was lowered back down he had a strap that he can rest his head on. In my book I would call this cheating, but according to Gawker and a response they got back from one of Blaine’s people, it was never stated that he would be hanging for 60 hours straight through. He needs to get his head above his heart to correct circulation once an hour or he could die…. Ok obviously he could die, but why were so many people lead to believe that he would be doing it for 60 hours straight? What’s so special about hanging upside down for an hour and then taking a break and doing it again? I think he should just go back to doing street magic and not this random crap that he’s decided to do for the past few years.

Check out more pictures of him standing on a crane here.