Ben And Burman: Best Friends. Bitter Enemies.

Hey Kid! What Up Cat!

Remember those words cause in the near future everyone is going to be saying them. They are the words of Burman, world’s worst roommate and co-star of a new series coming to the interwebs soon. “Ben And Burman” is a web series about 2 roommates that don’t really get along too well, but always manage to stay friends… most of the time. Ben, played by Ben Giroux, is a good guy, he’s smart, charming and just wants to find a good girl to settle down with. Burman, played by Scott Burman, is his obnoxious, over the top roommate who finds any way he can to screw up Ben’s chances with every girl he meets, but not purposely.

“Ben and Burman” is the brainchild of Ben Giroux and Scott Burman who met at USC while going to school there. I don’t know a whole lot about Ben, but I grew up with Burman and we went to school together for a few years. When I heard that he was putting together this web series in hopes of internet stardom I immediately wanted to help. I’ve always been interested in doing something as far as comedic videos go, on the internet, but I could never find any of my friends that want to act in it. So when this situation arose for me to get involved with something of that nature, I jumped on it. Now obviously since I live in Chicago and Ben and Burman now live out in LA, the only way I could really contribute right now was to help them finance the project, which I gladly did, and I’m definitely amazed by what they put together.

I’ve been bugging Burman to see anything that they’ve got as far as clips, pictures or episodes, but he kept telling me things were a little backed up due to one thing or another. I can’t talk about a lot of things related to the show, but most of them were good things, so I let it slide. Which brings me to last week and a phone call from Burman. He was gonna be in town for the holidays and had some stuff he wanted to show me and whoever else wanted to come by… rough cuts of all 12 episodes! Finally I get to see something besides a Sizzle Reel related to this phantom project that I wasn’t even sure was really happening. For all I know, Burman took my money to a strip club and had a great night… hell that’s probably what he did with it anyways, but at least he had something to show me.

So last night I headed over to Scott’s mom’s house for a screening. And it turns out it was actually a mini-reunion from our Jr. High, which was pretty cool. So I finally got to see all 12 webisodes for the “Ben and Burman” show and I must say, even in rough form, these things are pretty funny. Each episode clocks in at between 5-8 minutes which is perfect for any web viewer. I would have had some sweet bootleg footage, but Burman made me sign an NDA! haha, just kidding, but he did promise that I wouldn’t write too much about what I saw other than “It was awesome”. And I won’t lie, the series is pretty solid and I look forward to whatever comes of it in the future.

So rest assure, when I am allowed to divulge more information regarding the series, release dates, and over all information, I will post it here. But for now head on over to and sign up for the newsletter so you make sure to get all of the latest information regarding the series in case I’m slacking.

Thanks again Scott.